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Argodex.com puts you in control

You can contact as many or as few marinas as you want. You can compare prices, availability and features for multiple marinas before you decide on a berth.

You manage your own reservations

Now you can communicate securely with individual marinas all over the world. Marinas use argodex.com to answer your questions, update you on availability and pricing so you can make an informed decision about where to dock your boat.

Once you decide on a berth, marina personnel will confirm your reservation via the Argodex site.

The entire reservation process, from the initial question and answer phase to the final confirmation and booking takes place on argodex.com, however all interaction is between you and the marina. We are your single point of contact for all your marina reservations.

Our service is free for you to use

Our service is paid for by participating marinas. You, the boater, don't pay to use the Argodex system. We don't charge your credit card. Once you secure a reservation with a particular marina, you'll authorize the sytem to forward your personal details and payment information to the marina you selected.

Your personal information is kept private

While you're working with the marina staff to secure a berth, we keep your personal and financial details confidential. The marina only sees your user name and information about your vessel.

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