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Argodex Inc. is a privately held corporation which provides a proprietary e-commerce platform for Marinas (argodex.com), Campgrounds (campodex.com) and Bed & Breakfasts (bbodex.com).

You're going to love how Argodex.com brings boaters and marinas together like never before.

Merging sophisticated web 2.0 features with an e-commerce business model that puts buyers and sellers in control, Argodex combines an easy to use platform with a bullet proof IT framework and the know-how to make it all work for you.

We're ARGODEX.COM and we're going to show you a new way to conduct business on the web!

Whether you're a marina with extra space to rent or a boater who needs a long or short term berth, Argodex is the solution you need.

Boaters: You'll connect with marinas anywhere in the world you want to go. You'll be able to compare prices, ask questions of marina staff, verify availability and confirm your berth online with the Argodex platform. Argodex gives you the tools you need like real time chat, instant messaging and an easy to use interface that let's you comparison shop for the berth you need on the schedule you want."

Marinas: You'll set your own prices, terms and availability. No matter what your special requirements are, Argodex's built in flexibility allows you to do business your way. You don't want to commit to inventory, pricing or terms restraints. Argodex gives you the ability to manage your sales your way, on your own time and according to your schedule.

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